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More Healthy Food Options from Your Local Deli and Beyond

Again, as we look into the classic context of the word deli amongst New Yorkers, the vast majority of us seem to think about the corner store at the end of our block, where we can get everything from breakfast or lunch, to baking soda, rubbing alcohol, condoms, diapers and way more! The do everything corner stores however, may not always be all that they’re cracked up to be. in fact , many of these “delis” may not even serve food to begin with, and many of which seem to be more of a front for an illegal business than they are a place where you can find a decent buttered roll, at the very least! Then of course, many notches above the corner store money laundering depot, is the urban corner bodega, in which you can find all types of different food options, maybe not always as health conscious as other ore affluent delis, yet they do serve some of the neighborhoods favorites, from a chopped cheese to tuna egg salad Queens patrons believe it or not, have an affinity for the combination. One of the issues with living down the block from a regular old deli however, is that many young men and women don’t believe they can eat healthy without 1) having to venture off to find a Whole Foods, or 2) to spend hundreds of extra dollars than they normally would. And neither one is the case! The fact is that while healthy eating seems to be something quite exclusive to the rich and privileged, with a little bit of ingenuity and the fact that society has been changing a lot for the better, these days you could live on a super strict diet and eat healthy, without having to sacrifice taste! Here are a few ways to do it, from things like the best tuna egg salad Queens has to offer, to things like peanut butter oatmeal NYC consumers know how to make the most of limited resources and here are a few ways you can eat healthier at your own neighborhood deli.

· Hummus Makes for a Good Spread

The fact of the matter is that whether you ‘re in the mood for a hot deli sandwich or a cold turkey and cheese on a roll, the fact of the matter is that having a solid, delicious spread to apply evenly to both sides of the bread are pretty much vital and without them the sandwich can tend to taste quite bland, dry and to many, completely inedible! However, rather than applying some sort of a fatty option like mayo, why not switch to a much tastier, much heartier, and overall healthier and better tasting option like hummus! Works amazing on any type of sandwich from a grilled tomato chicken Queens multicultural options make hummus perfect for things like pita, falafel and way more.

· Whole Wheat over White Bread

While there are many people who will say this is purely a myth but the facts are the facts, and the facts say that it’s better to always choose whole grain over white because the grains are complete which means it’s full of vital nutrients, compared to white bread which is full of refined grains, so they take a lot of the good stuff out. You’ll also save around 8 grams of carbs. And their hearty texture can make any sandwich better from the previously mentioned Grilled tomato chicken Queens patrons would mix with a wide variety of different vegetable options, to things like the tuna egg salad Queens other new favorites. In addition to those facts, switching from white to whole wheat helps provide the body with much needed fiber that can help you deal with a number of common issues.

· Dark Leafy Greens Over Iceberg Lettuce

One thing that has become far more popular amongst those in the urban community is a good old fashion salad. However, while in years past, individuals would simply just get some lettuce, a little sliced tomato, a ton of dressing and call it a salad. But the fact is that tastes and palettes have advanced, as have the salad bars at most delis from the upscale ones to those in the inner city. One important tip to follow is to switch from lighter iceberg lettuce to darker leafy greens, because they are full of vitamin k, fiber and iron. Experts say to stay away from iceberg lettuce – it’s mostly water and doesn’t have a lot of nutritional value.

· Breakfast is More than Just Eggs

Sure, that bacon egg and cheese look great, and there are definitely ways to make it healthier, but try not to have it every day of the week if possible, and why not try to replace that with a freshly made oatmeal from the team at Brown Bag Express today. Brown Bag is known to offer the best peanut butter oatmeal NYC has around. The oatmeal used is not only just a tad bit sweet but it gives the feeling of eating healthy as well. You look and feel your best, and its an interesting feeling to have. As the best peanut butter oatmeal NYC has around, its not only loaded with valuable fiber options but it also helps to provide patients with the much-needed protein they absolutely need.

To learn more about the healthy options available at any deli, or to place an order now, be sure to contact Brown Bag Express today.

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