I love the Overnight Oats, Such a delicious way to start my day.
Made with Almond milk too!!!
Love it.

Lisa from East Rockaway
I have coming in since you opened and I still cant get over how beautiful your store is, wow.
I have tried most of your items, loved them all, but I do have my favorites.
I love the Grab and Go style, I am in and out in such a short amount of time with such fresh, delicious, wholesome food.
Thank you for being in Oceanside.

Michelle from Oceanside
Love the Rear Door, so convenient for me, I wish I discovered it sooner. I noticed it when I was on the train, I had been only using the front door.
Your Coffee is up there with the best I’ve had but your Homemade French Vanilla Creamer, puts it over the top.
So happy you are open, we needed this.
Sindy and Chongyan could not be any sweeter.
Good Luck

Mary from Oceanside
This place is So convenient for me in the morning.
I love your Coffee, The Best!!!
Your prices cannot be beat, so I usually grab my Breakfast and Lunch.
I have only tried your Lemonade and Watermelon Tea, I love them so much, its hard to try something else.
I love that you have an Outgoing Mail Box in the store, So Convenient.

Sandy works in Island Park
Just wanted to thank you for the “Cute Kid Discount” you gave to my daughter, you made her day.
That is so nice of you, and it is truly appreciated.
Good Luck with the store, it really is a beauty.
She also loved hearing the trains as they passed.
(Note, Richard is referring to an outside microphone we installed and hooked up to our sound system which allows commuters to hear the bells that announce the coming of the train. Once they do, they can start heading to the platform via our rear door.)

Richard from Oceanside
Out going Mail Box, ATM, Fantastic Food, Homemade Beverages, Beautiful and Immaculate Setting
Pleasant Uniformed Staff, I love Chongyan. Convenient to the Train. Clean Bathroom, Not to mention, I’m in and out in no time. Where have you been all my life.

Marian from Rockville Centre
Salads, Unbelievable
Dressings for the Salads, Unbelievable
Basically I LOVE your salads.
Your Slogan is Spot On….
So Fresh, So Fast, So Reasonable.

Patricia from Long Beach
Nice to see a local business where the owner and his son work.
I believe both are long time Oceanside Residents.
All the girls in the front are always so clean in their uniform, and so pleasant and helpful, Sindy is too sweet.
The atmosphere of the store is like none other, very spacious, clean and inviting.
I like the background music and hearing the trains.
I’m there most mornings.

Jim from Oceanside
Something positive.
Ran to grab lunch and wanted to try the local “Brown Bag Express” . At first I did not understand the concept of their Establishment but I was quickly informed how it works. Everything was premade, packed and ready to grab and go. I guess hence the name Brown Bag Express. I picked up a SouthWest Salad that was Pre Made and ready to eat in a plastic container. While I was there the owner came out and I told him this was my first time here and I live local. He immediately gave me a free dessert and a free drink to go with my salad, which I thought was very, very ance and a great way to promote your new business.
So, onto the Salad. The label states So Fresh, So Fast, So Reasonable. I have to say this label is 100% accurate. This salad was extremely fresh, Extremely tasty and reasonably priced. The chocolate covered Cheerios and pretzels dessert was awesome as well as my French Vanilla Cappuccino. I recommend this place for a quick, fast, fresh and healthy lunch. The salad came with your choice of like 15 different dressings and chips and yes, it was very good as I stated before. Also, Thank you again to the owner for the drink and dessert. I will definitely be seeing you all again.
Love it.

Joey From Oceanside

We now offer delivery through
Ubereats, Grubhub and Doordash.