Scrambled Eggs With Cheese Long Island

The Egg Sandwich: A Long Island Breakfast Staple

Across the five boroughs, egg sandwiches are certainly a common part of the breakfast arsenal f any deli or sandwich shop. And while there are surely a number of locations that probably offer a great egg sandwich, the concept of the egg sandwich from your local deli was made famous across Long Island, as it is a breakfast staple for everyone from drunk college students nursing their morning hangover, to Wall Street executives on their Long Island Rail Road trip into the city for work. In fact, when it comes to the best breakfast sandwich, locals across Long Island have affectionately named the sandwich, the Long Island Egg Sandwich. Made famous from delis such as the Lake Village Deli located in Saint James, the egg sandwich has seen countless newer iterations as well, recently developed by more upper-class locals like Brown Bag Express – known for their fresh ingredients and even fresher culinary ideas. Learn more about the impact of the Long Island Egg Sandwich, considered by far to be the best breast sandwich across the state of New York.

When it comes to the Long Island Egg Sandwich, there isn’t really any specific sandwich that makes the cut – in fact, its basically all of them! That’s right, pretty much any egg sandwich, made at a quality Long Island deli, can pretty much be called the Long Island Egg Sandwich. This is the case as the Long Island Egg Sandwich is just as much about the atmosphere, the timing and the interactions you have while ordering your sandwich, then it is about just the sandwich. For years, delicatessens on Long Island have become a staple for good food. Whether that entails the previously mentioned hangover breakfast order of a Stony Brook frat house, scrambled eggs with cheese, the 4 or 5 different types of salads (everything from macaroni and egg salad, to a seafood salad, tuna salad, and the red potato salad with or without the bacon bits!) you might order to go along with your weekend family barbeque, and even the classic 8 foot sub, that Long Islanders will order whether its your son’s 5th birthday or your daughter’s sweet sixteen. The food vibes we get from a high-quality deli, with fresh food options, is the quintessential Long Islanders way of eating and they are proud of that. Before we delve too far into all the deli food options, let’s go back to the sandwich – what truly makes that sandwich so good?

When it comes to the egg sandwich it isn’t so much about any specific ingredient, as it could be a bacon, egg and cheese – where the perfectly cooked bacon’s light crisp, brings out the best in the cheddar cheese and vice versa. Or, could it be the Kaiser roll, perfectly toasted and lightly buttered, to give your egg sandwich that signature hearty taste that’s impossible to replicate with any lesser roll. And for some, it’s the marriage of ingredients, and how they are simply bringing out the best in one another. How whatever your taste for egg might be, there is a formidable brand of cheese that will blend perfectly to give you an out of this world taste, that not even your best local diner could replicate. For others, while the versatility is an important part, its also the ability to indulge or scale things back when needed. This means that sure, on that weekday where you might be just on time to the office for the daily standup meeting, the egg whites and avocado will do just fine on a croissant, or it could be that Saturday morning where you and your significant other are looking for the perfect marriage of greasy, buttery, and cheesy to provide you the backdrop you need to vegetate on your coach for the next 6 hours of the day.

While the versatility of your classic Long Island deli may feel as though it’s a product of the Long Island Egg Sandwich itself, the facts are that in most cases, it’s the man behind the deli – the traditional Long Islander who mans the grill. In some deli’s that might be the owner, in others it would be just a guy who was recently hired to do the job – but from scrambled eggs with cheese to the best breakfast sandwich, it all starts with a quality individual manning the grill. The fact is that this guy isn’t just anybody either, pumping out sandwiches and Scrambled Eggs With Cheese long island platters – in fact in most cases he is the quintessential Long Islander. Someone you can have some polite banter with, someone who can discuss the scores of last night’s games with – while also being someone who could give you a detailed plan on how to fix your local team’s lack of success with a few key hires – and do it all off the top of his head. And although he might not seem like it, the man is actually a culinary genius and didn’t need some fancy culinary school degree to prove it. Long Island, the home of some of the best deli’s across NY, is proud to add a new top option to the mix in Brown Bag Express, be sure to visit us any day of the week – located right across the street from the Oceanside LIRR station.

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