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Our Menu

Delicious & Fresh

At Brown Bag Express we pride ourselves

in offering patrons some of the freshest and most delicious food options in all of Long Island. These days patrons expect a lot from their eateries, and we are happy to deliver! From freshly made, breakfast and lunch options, to a healthy and wholesome dinner menu that is sure to have your taste buds craving for more, Brown Bag Express isn’t your average deli.

For those patrons in need of healthy, hearty food on the go, homemade fruit smoothies and the freshest of salads, Brown Bag Express has got you covered.

Visit us today at 3114 Lawson Boulevard, Oceanside, NY 11572!

Yes, We Cater!

From Breakfast & Lunch Meetings, to parties of any size, we know how to make your entertaining a pleasure. Fine, lovingly prepared food with an eye for detail, & a flare for delight. Everything customized to your specifications.

The Grab~N~Go
5 gourmet sandwiches on assorted fresh baked bread, individually wrapped, 2 BBE signature salads of your choice, with homemade coleslaw or potato salad.
Feeds 7-10 People

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Kid Friendly Options

Children can be some of the pickiest eaters around, and while many eateries may not have a ton of kid friendly options, the menu at Brown Bag Express is sure to offer the youngsters in your life a number of amazingly delicious, yet healthy options! Whether you’re in need of kid friendly snacks for your next family engagement or your looking for healthy options to serve at your son or daughters next birthday party, you’re sure to find what you need at Brown Bag Express!

So Fresh, So Fast, So Reasonable

We are a Grab~N~Go Style Delicatessen! Everything we sell is “So Fresh” and in our Fridge, ready for you to come in and Grab-N-Go, “So Fast.” “If you bought it here, it was made here.”
That’s right, we have a Brand New, Huge, State of The Art Kitchen, where everything is made from Scratch.
Our Culinary Institute of America Educated Chef. Robert has truly raised the quality bar in Oceanside. Whenever possible, in addition to using sustainable and local ingredients, Chef Robert is cutting down on the fat, Salt, and Sugar, and you won’t miss it. Also, our prices can’t be beat, “So Reasonable.”

Assorted Homemade Cookies Small $45 and Large $85

Fresh Fruit platter Small $45 Large $85

Bread Pudding W/ Vanilla Cream Small $30 Large $55

Our Menu

Cincinnati 3-Way

This Cincinnati born, very filling dish was made famous at the Legendary Skyline Chili Restaurant, which originally opened in Cincinnati in 1949 by Greek Immigrants.

Our version is:

  • Perfectly cooked Spaghetti, Smothered with our Skyline Inspired Chili.
  • (All Beef, No Beans) then topped with Shredded Vermont Cheddar.
You will think you are in Cincinnati!!!
P.S. (Yours will look Absolutely Nothing like the Photo)
I eat mine with Chopsticks.


Pronounced “Get-A” is a famous Cincinnati staple. Ground Pork, simmered with spices and oats, then formed into patties, grilled till brown and served with eggs or as a slice of sandwich meat. Goetta is Very Delicious and not fatty at all!


Yes, that's what it's called, “Hotdish” which is a casserole. Originated in the Upper Midwest of our Country and now extremely popular in Minnesota, North & South Dakota and Wisconsin. Basically, its 4 ingredients which is a Meat, Vegetables, Soup, (as a binder) and a Starch. That Starch is usually Tater Tots. Ours has Beef & Pork, Mixed Veggies, Cream of Mushroom Soup and of course, Tater Tots. It really is Yummy American Comfort Food, Try It!!

Vietnamese Banh Mi

We start with our Fresh Roasted Pork loin, Sliced Thin, Pickled Carrot, and Daikon Slivers, Red Onion, Cilantro & some Sliced Jalapeno. All served on a toasted baguette with our house Aioli.



Brown Bag Express is the Brainchild of our Founder, Tommy, a 30 year Oceanside Resident. He felt that Oceanside needed a Beautiful and Fun place to grab a Healthy Breakfast and or Lunch. Everything at Brown Bag Express had to be Fresh, Fast, Reasonable and made in the store. He did not want to Re-Sell someone else’s products like most places. He makes sure that the kitchen stands by the Brown Bag Express Motto which is, “If you Bought it Here, It was Made Here”. He built a huge, state of the art kitchen where it could all be done. Even every beverage sold here is made in our kitchen. The store was laid out in a way that would allow all of the LIRR commuters easy access to the store and the platform using our rear door. We even installed a Microphone so the commuters can hear the Bells that notify you that the train is coming.
So please come in and experience what a Grab~N~Go Deli is like, we think you will get hooked with the rest of our regulars.
Thank You and Looking Forward to Seeing You.


Brown Bag Express isn’t your average corner deli! With a wide selection of freshly prepared foods, and the freshest meal options in all of Long Island, we strive to provide our patrons with some of the healthiest meals around. From breakfast sandwiches, omelets, granola, and freshly sourced fruits, to homemade burgers, deli sandwiches, delightful desserts, and even a number of vegetarian options, Brown Bag Express is in a class all its own, when it comes to food choices. So, don’t put up with the same tired lunch, give Brown Bag Express a try today!




3114 Lawson Blvd.
Oceanside, NY 11572


We now offer delivery through
Ubereats, Grubhub and Doordash.