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What Goes into a Successful Deli?

As we all grow up, there are a few things we often remember about our time going through life as a kid. From our favorite place to hang out after school, the best playground, the kickball field, the McDonalds, the pizza place and most importantly to some, the corner deli – especially popular across the five boroughs of New York City! Wherever you went to school across the five boroughs, and we are counting middle school and high school, these delis became a vital aspect to each and everybody’s daily life and made going to school that much easier. From the kids who were so cool with the deli guy that they had a secret handshake, to the slightly stuck up kid who would ask the counter person if they had any fresh cantaloupe cut up today – despite the answer ALWAYS being no. Well no matter how good the deli was to others, it was always clearly the best deli near me and would end up being a staple for groups of kids for decades – this is the big advantage a corner deli gets by opening up shop at the corner down the block from any time of school – letting school kids pour in for the best bacon egg and cheese to their favorite sour straws, it was an automatic part of the day, somewhere everyone went to just as much to socialize as it was to buy something.

However, while this might have been our idea of the best deli near me, the fact of the matter is that we were just kids, simply looking of a place to grab some HI-Chews and maybe a Red Bull before class. What we called a deli back then was NOT what a deli is supposed to be, it was a corner store – although you might think that was the best bacon egg and cheese you’ve ever had – trust me, go make on in your kitchen, and it can be just as good. What it takes to be a quality deli, or the Best Deli Near Me in this day and age is quite a lot and must include at least some of the following.

· Sandwich Shop Versus Corner Store Versus Deli

The fact of the matter is that not every store that you can get a sandwich from is called a deli. To some individuals, any store located at the corner of a street, is also considered to be a deli. Again, none of this is true – some places that are dedicated to making sandwiches and almost exclusively sandwiches such as a Subway or a Jimmy Johns, these are sandwich shops as they do that one thing the best and barely anything else. However, a corner, despite having the ability to make you a sandwich and warm up your beef patty, it is not a deli, it is a corner store, the perfect place to get the best bacon egg and cheese in the neighborhood but not much more than that. A deli is more than both of them, different types of food items, a place you can get deli meat to take home, purchase cheeses to take home, and get all that stuff made into a fresh sandwich that wasn’t put into cellophane last week.

· The Overly Posh Deli Owner

Now, despite the fact that we like our deli to have a little more class than any normal corner store that doesn’t mean having a different owner, but simply having that previous owner simply act a little better and increase on his own general board of class. When you have the overly bougie, overly posh deli owner, they have undoubtedly ruined everything on the menu by dousing it in $50 truffle oils and added raisins to random sandwiches, they thing sardines belong everywhere, and truly have no clue how to incorporate olives properly. Don’t let them teach you to pronounce French words, none of it, you aren’t here for any of that! Boycott immediately.

· Freshness Wins

No matter what, no matter what you are currently being classified as a corner store or deli, how you will win and change the minds of others is nu incorporating enough freshness into your menu as possible. A good deli makes things fresh from scratch: pesto, hummus, samosas, salads, quiches, cakes. It sounds obvious, but far too many owners are happy to buy in random pies or some version of thousand island dressing, rather than getting their hands dirty. There are supermarkets all over you can buy this crap from, having fresh soups, pastas, sides and mains that actually taste good and are clearly fresh – that will bring the people in.

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