About Us

One day on his morning walk, our founder, Tommy, passed a closed deli and he started to think about reopening it. He’s owned 2 restaurants and has always been a student of foodservice. There are many reasons he had not visited that closed deli and did not want any of those reasons to influence customers in his new deli.

This new deli will be a Grab~N~Go style place so popular in other places.
Sorry, no custom orders.

Once people get it, they LOVE it. They are in and out in less than 2 minutes with a Fantastic, reasonably priced, meal. All items will be freshly-prepared from scratch during the course of the day. Items will be displayed in our fridge so customers can come in and get out in record time with an outstanding product.

All beverages sold will be made in house as well. Sold in a spotless, beautiful, temperature controlled, environment. No alcohol or tobacco products nor drug paraphernalia.

Once the location was chosen, the floor plan was laid out in a way to allow LIRR passengers easy access to both the store and the platform by using our rear door. Teamed up with a local husband and wife team with a long and distinguished career in foodservice. Robert went to the Culinary Institute of America and Karen has worked side by side with Robert over the years. She also has expertise in Catering.

Together, Tommy Karen and Robert, 3 Oceanside residents, put their heads together and created a delightful and evolving menu that patrons have fallen in love with.

Thank you for your interest in Brown Bag Express, it is appreciated. Please come in and see for yourself what all the Buzz is all about.

We now offer delivery through
Ubereats, Grubhub and Doordash.